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No, the rates of the shares are always tentative. Please confirm them before finalising the deal.

We buy shares only in demat mode. As per SEBI guidelines, physical shares are now not transferable.

To know the procedure, please click here.

Yes, provided you have availed this facility (please confirm with your depository).
Otherwise, to transfer the shares in our demat account, Demat Instruction slip (DIS) needs to be deposited physically to your depository along with an Annexure ( Provided by your depository).

We do not assist in these services. You need to contact the company directly.

Payment will be made after statutory compliance.

We deduct TDS on payment made for the purchase of shares as per Income Tax Act, 1961. Valid Pan card of deductee is required for deduction of TDS @10% in case of long term capital gains, and as per the slab of deductee in case of short term capital gains.

The amount on which TDS will be deducted shall be limited to the amount of capital gains of seller, in case the deductee provides a declaration (along with required documents), of capital gains earned, otherwise same shall be deducted on full amount remitted.

Sellers get liquidity which is otherwise restricted.
Since the shares are not freely tradeable, we provide an option to sell them by providing competitive valuation.
Buyers can particate in future growth of company. They can be an early entrant to participate in earnings and valuations of the company.

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